| chapter one |

It was a dark time, the year didn’t matter anymore. Time without time, without reality and hope for real-life filled with bright and joyful moments.The sun was at its warmest, the moon at its roundest.

Humanity is engulfed in the virtual world, the mania for easy living at its peak. All that remains are the memories of people’s past greatness. Intellect and physics have turned to mental degradation and obesity.

Everything seems easy and fast for the people, but they will have to pay a high price for living in the virtual world – their energy and emotions. The price that the NAGAS reptiles feed upon.

The hollow earth theory turns out to be true. Hollow shell separated at a great distance from the core with its sun, grass and water. With two legendary entrances to the North and South Poles.

The reptiles lived there. They looked like demons with inhuman abilities, tall with bright eyes, each coming out of hell, and their first breath of air always foreshadows the whole history of mankind. NAGAS have been in command since the creation of the Earth.

During the centuries of radiation in the virtual world, people abandoned reality, forgot about Mother Nature, and so in their turn, the degradation of some gave a hand to others. Gorillas have evolved, becoming smarter, stronger and more cohesive. They have become the bad guys of “modern society.”

According to ancient manuscripts, legendary warriors are going to be reborn to save the Earth from Nagas. It is said that those chosen to awaken the spirits of the fighters are individuals of the human race.

You are one of those chosen to awaken the spirit of an ancient warrior, his destiny is to inhabit one of the legendary skeletons of the Kong clan. To clothe the skeleton in living flesh, you must unite your spirit with his.

To become one and save the world you must gather fighters from each level to become one of the legendary warriors.

…to be continued…


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Choose Your God Of War from my 1st phase collection

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