My interests from a young age were sport and art, and while everyone around me was partying, I painted and trained. While studying in the school for applied arts, I kept pushing with the training.

That gave me the motivation to follow my dreams and achieve my goals and taught me to be disciplined, organised and to always give 100% of myself. In short, the idea of ​​my own brand was born.

To motivate myself, to seek to be different and always with original design, cut and comfortable fabric. Having started this project, I quickly realized that my idea to try  ​​inspire myself was inspiring my friends, as well as for the Gym and Dojo  I trained in.

While the music inspired me to create, in the sport hall, in the sparring, I needed a visual inspiration. Something to wear, as the GI and the stages in karate dress you put on the belt you deserved and you become a Focused Beast.

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Operating For Over 16 Years

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With the years of hard work and dedication to pursue my dreams, I have never had a plan B!

I managed to motivate and inspire many people and friends from whom I continue to learn and draw inspiration.

– Peter Barakov –