Our company ”Born Lion’ proposal for a joint business relationship is entirely in the benefit of our partners:

  1.  Consultations with a professional designer/artist/ for future projects.
  2.  Design
  3.  Preparation of clothing
  4.  Design and clothing preview
  5.  Sample
  6.  Promote our joint work on the company’s pages and website
What should our partners know?

*All the services mentioned above are made completely free after signing a partnership agreement.

What does the contract include?

1. Only the company ” Born Lion ” makes the embroidery, embroidery of the design/logo/ which we create for a future partner.

2. A conclusion of a contract for a minimum of 6 months or for a certain number of designs, clothes or quantities.

3. There is no minimum of the garment order unless the workmanship requires such a minimum.

4. The amount paid by the Born Lion partner is only the final price of the product.

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