” Born Lion ” was created by Peter Barakov.
Who is Peter Barakov?

” I’ve always felt different from everyone else. My interests from a young age were sports and art, and while everyone around me was partying, I painted and trained.

While studying in the school for applied arts, I kept pushing with the training. That gave me the motivation to follow my dreams and achieve my goals and taught me to be disciplined, organised and to always give 100% of myself.

While the music inspired me to create, in the sport hall, in the sparring, I needed a visual inspiration, something to wear, as the GI and the stages in karate dress you put on the belt you deserved and you become a focused beast.

In short, the idea of ​​my own brand and design company was born. To motivate myself, to seek to be different and always with original design, cut and comfortable fabric. Having started this project, I quickly realized that my idea to try and ​​inspire myself was inspiring my friends, as well as for the gymnasiums and battle rooms I trained in.

So with the years of hard work and dedication to pursue my dreams, I have never had a plan B. I managed to motivate and inspire many clients and partners, people, clubs – friends from whom I continue to learn and draw inspiration. ”


Peter barakov



”Born Lion”

The company has a goal and a vision that pursues year-round – Professionalism, convenience and quality.

Because the company team loves what they do and each one of us works hard for the vision of the brand and the realization of the ideas of our partners.

With us, you will always be greeted with a smile because we love the challenge and we will always give the best to achieve your idea.Every detail, color, and stroke brings us closer to the goal of turning your ideas into reality.

We do not have a magic pill. We work hard to achieve the right vision, thanks to our experience and skills.Because we hate plan ”B”, there are no impossible things for us because we are entirely devoted to the idea and we are not looking for justifications in plan ”B”. We have only plan ”A”.